Pharmacy First

Pharmacy First

This service enables patients to access health advice and treatment via the Pharmacy.

The NHS Pharmacy First Service means you are able to be treated in-pharmacy without the need to visit your GP. As a result, you’ll be able to access treatments quicker. You can visit your pharmacist for a consultation and they will treat you and prescribe medication if necessary. If your condition is more serious you will be referred to a GP or hospital.

The Pharmacy First service involves providing clinically appropriate advice and treatment for seven common health conditions. 

These conditions are:

* Earache in children aged 1-17 years old.

* Sore throat in patients aged 5 years and over.

* Sinusitis in patients aged 12 year and over.

* Impetigo in patients aged 1 years and over.

* Shingles in patients aged 18 years and over.

* Infected insect bites in patients 1 years and over.

* Uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women 16-64 years old.


To find out your nearest pharmacy and check if it is part of the scheme click here.

Pharmacy First