Ravenswood Medical Practice is part of the East Ipswich Primary Care (PCN). We work closely with Orchard Street Medical Practice and Dr Solway, Mallick & Roy Practice. We jointly employ and share a number of staff who work across all three practices, currently those staff employed by the PCN, consists of Paramedics, Pharmacists and Social Prescribers - By working together closely we aim to learn good practice from each other to improve our serivces and access to healthcare for the 36000 patients that live locally and are registered with our practices. 

The long term objective is to continually improve and develop our teams in a way that only working at scale can achieve. This means for you the patient, that we aim to have a wider range of expert practitioners within our teams enabling you to consult with the most appopriate person. 

As the PCN develops we will keep you updated as to any significant changes that may affect the way our services are delivered.